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The stories will amuse and inform

"Isak Dinesen has said that to be a person is to have a story. Gerard Doherty in his book They Were My Friends-Jack, Bob, and Ted has stories not only about Jack, Bob, and Ted but also of  Gerard Doherty's years of involvement and dedication to the democratic process. The book has many stories about the political legacies of the Kennedy brothers, the national and state election processes, and the contributions  of thousands of people who participated in the democratic process across the country. Whether you are a neophyte at political campaigns or citizen activist who has dedicated time and energy  to the election of a candidate for local, state, or national office the  stories  will amuse, inform  and share insights  about the human process of  candidate elections. The stories reveal the qualities and values of the  candidates, the  author and all those who worked on campaigns to influence the political process.  The book is a practicum for political involvement. It is a must read for all who would consider actively supporting a candidate and those who consider running for a political office. The book is a great read for a book club, history class, and political activists.  The stories reveal the character of the author and his  commitment to make the world a better place. For the author politics is about people-and for the author people matter." - Judy Beatrice (Boston)


A beautiful tribute

"The ending of this book is a beautiful tribute to a man who has earned himself the title "Lion of the Senate" and generous friend. I was touched by all the stories about his generosity, especially the incident you talked about during the section at the hospital about the young volunteer who couldn't afford the treatment for her kidneys. I was astonished at how many housing units you have been able to put up over the course of your career; that on top of everything else! As a Catholic, I particularly enjoyed reading about the time you met Pope John Paul II (or well, the two times you did!) and found the intricacies of the funeral for Pope John Paul I really interesting - especially the part about how the seating was based on when a country was founded. I would be remiss if I did not thank you for everything you've done to make your community a better place." -Online review