“Gerard Doherty knew the number-one rule of Democratic politics in Charlestown, Massachusetts – loyalty to others who fought the good fight. Gerry fought the good fight for Senator Ted Kennedy in 1962. He did the same for my father Robert Kennedy in 1968, and he has done the same for every Kennedy campaign since.” 

-Joseph Kennedy II

"The first person anyone interested in political office should seek out is Gerard Doherty, his Eminence Grise of Massachusetts politics. Gerard knows all. Thankfully, he decided to write a book about it so all this great knowledge and experience isn't lost." 

-John Cullinane, Founder Cullinet Software, Inc. 

“Gerard Doherty was the dean of politics when he and Tommy first met - and he became a dear friend and supporter of my husband. He spent many days in our house helping shape winning campaigns but I never knew how fascinating his life and experiences were until I read his book.  Anyone interested in politics and people should read it! “ 

-Angela Menino, Wife of Boston Mayor Tom Menino 

“I want to work with you on the lauch of the book in Ireland. It is a brilliant read and I loved it! We can do great things here to get it launched. There is no excuse; you have proven you can fly and travel without much fuss so there is absolutely no excuse to not come to Ireland and bring a gang with you to launch the book and have some fun. I know you are a great beliver in thrift, but there are times that we need to celebrate and go just a little mad! I look forward to further instructions - I am officially appointing myself your Agent in Ireland!!    

-John Cunningham, Agent for Gerard F. Doherty in Ireland 


“Gerard Doherty is truly a legendary figure in Massachusetts and American politics. A gentle and decent man who would make any Irish mother proud, Doherty’s extraordinary contribution to and participation in our democratic process has been the stuff most of us can only hope to read about. He is a citizen-patriot who has always understood the American Revolution is never over.” 

-Tom McNaught, Former Executive Director, John F. Kennedy Library Foundation